Should I Try the XTRAC Laser?

We always love sharing new skin care treatments and the XTRAC laser is no different. Why are we so excited about it? For starters, it’s the only FDA-cleared, clinically proven excimer laser (a form of UV laser) that can clear skin of psoriasis. It can also help minimize or in some cases eliminate vitiligo patches.

What Makes the XTRAC Unique?

The XTRAC can treat anywhere on the body, even sensitive or private areas as well as patients at any age with any skin type. It’s also different from other UV therapies because of the speed, efficacy, and comfort of the therapy. Additionally, the treatment is painless. 

The XTRAC uses targeted UVB which indicates your Provider is able to select and treat only the affected tissue(s). This means healthy skin isn’t treated, which allows for higher treatment doses. As a result, the XTRAC can produce faster and better results in fewer treatments. It’s also covered by most major insurance companies, so check with your insurance provider.

XTRAC Laser Treatments & Results

XTRAC is a quick treatment, taking only 5-10 minutes each time. We recommend you get two treatments per week to maximize results. There are no systemic effects from it, and you can see results within a month (or 10-12 treatment sessions).

Are There Side Effects With XTRAC?

Some patients experience side effects including blistering of the skin. Hyperpigmentation may also develop, though it will fade over time once treatments are complete. You’ll also want to avoid sun exposure afterward and between XTRAC sessions, like with many other cosmetic treatments.

How to Get XTRAC Treatments

If you’d like to ask a Provider if XTRAC might be right for you, call 541.382.5712 or request an appointment online at one of our Central Oregon locations.