Cosmetic Treatments: Tips to Make Your Plan for the Year

Cosmetic Treatments: Tips to Make Your Plan for the Year

Over 17 million Americans received cosmetic treatments in 2018 alone according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, growing 163% since 2000. As the number of cosmetic treatments increase, it’s important to make sure you’re trusting the right Providers to help guide you on the best regimen for your skin type and goals.

Determining Your Skin Care Priorities

You’ll want to start by making a list of any problem areas, concerns, or issues you’ve had with your skin. By sharing these items with your experienced Skin Care Provider, we’re able to help recommend the best medical and cosmetic treatments. Unlike some medical spas, we have Board-Certified Dermatologists who are onsite and oversee our practice, so you know you’re in the right hands.

Some questions to ask yourself include:
Are you worried about looking tired or showing signs of aging?
What are your short-term and long-term skin care goals?
Do you have any big events coming up in the next year or two?
Is your daily skin care regimen working for you?

You’ll also want to make sure you’re getting your annual skin care exam, which gives your Provider the opportunity to identify potential issues or discuss items you may want to address.

Setting a Strategic Budget for Your Skin Care

In addition to picking the right dermatology practice, there are ways to help manage your investment when caring for your skin. Especially as we get older, our skin needs a little help to stay hydrated, get rid of acne, and keep wrinkles at bay.

Whatever your skin care regimen may be, scheduling and planning it in advance can help you maximize your time and investment. Work with one of our expert Providers at Bend Dermatology to develop your custom plan.

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Deciding on the Right Treatments

Your Skin Care Provider can help you determine the right treatments and products based on your skin concerns and what you’re looking to achieve. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all skin solution, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss concerns, get questions answered and to help you customize a plan.

Getting Your Cosmetic Treatments Booked

Visit your local Central Oregon Dermatologists to schedule your annual skin exam. You can make an appointment at one of the Bend Dermatology locations to speak with an expert about what cosmetic treatments might be best for you.