Chloe Helikson, CAA

Position: Certified Advanced Aesthetician

  Specialties: Cosmetic Dermatology

  Location(s): East Bend Mohs & DermaSpa

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Chloe, a native of Bend, Oregon, discovered her passion for esthetics at a young age. Being the youngest of six siblings, she always had an eye for beauty and skincare. It was in 7th grade when Chloe experienced her first facial at Bend Dermatology that she knew she wanted to pursue a career in esthetics. After completing her standard esthetics license at the Premiere Aesthetics Institute in Bend, Oregon, Chloe continued to deepen her expertise at the Advanced Esthetics Institute in Eugene.

With her dedication to skincare and her commitment to ongoing education, Chloe is deeply committed to her clients’ well being, believing that self care is not an expense but an investment. With this philosophy at the core of her practice, Chloe ensures that each client receives personalized care and attention aimed at nurturing both their skin and their sense of self worth. By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, Chloe helps her clients understand the value of prioritizing their skincare routine as an essential aspect of self care and overall wellness.

When Chloe isn’t busy crafting radiant complexions, she’s out and about living life to the fullest! Catch her basking in the fragrant fields of her family’s lavender farm, embarking on a quest for the perfect cardamom latte in town, or simply with her loved ones for some quality family time. With Chloe, every moment is an adventure filled with laughter, joy, and a zest for life!