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Today’s fast-paced way of life means we need greater and more immediate access to the essentials of our lives, your medical information included. Our Medical Information Portal provides online, HIPAA-compliant, and secure access to:

Refilling Prescriptions

Your Medical Information

Communicating With Your Clinical Team

Medical Information Portal FAQs

Where do I go to get a refill on my prescription?

To refill prescriptions online, navigate to My Health once logged into the Medical Information Portal. Select Medications from the left-hand column. Click on Refill Request. A list of prescribed medications will pop up, select the prescription needing a refill, and click on Next at the bottom.  

How do I change my pharmacy?

During the prescription refill process in the portal, you can add a comment in the Note section. Be sure to do so before you click on the Send button.  

Where can I view appointment notes from past visits?

To view visit notes and lab results, click on the Test and Results icon at the top. For visit notes, click on Past Appointments on the left-hand side. Click on the blue hyperlink of the visit you wish to review.  

Where can I see my test results?

Any available laboratory or pathology results will be under the Test and Results tab. On the left-hand menu, click on Results to see them. 

Is it possible to message the Practice via the Medical Information Portal?

Yes. To view or compose notes to clinical staff, click on Messages on the top navigation. To compose a new message, click Compose Message. Fill in the fields, then hit Send.