We are a full-service, multi-location Dermatology Practice offering best-in-class patient care throughout Central & Southern Oregon. Bend Dermatology Clinic has assembled the area’s best dermatologists and Mohs surgeons under one roof – to ensure you receive the best advice and treatment possible.

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Mohs surgeons microscopically examine the tissue being removed during the surgery, which eliminates the need to estimate how much to cut and how deep the tumor’s roots go. Thus, Mohs surgery can remove all of the cancerous cells while keeping as much healthy tissue as possible. Because it results in minimal scarring, it is also ideal for highly visible skin cancer on the head and neck.


No one wants a skin cancer diagnosis, although it is the most common type of cancer in the world. Most people get skin cancer from exposure to too much ultraviolet light, sun or and tanning beds. Skin cancer is highly curable if it is treated early.


When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, no other practice in the Central Texas area can match Vitalogy Skincare’s expertise. We offer a full complement of dermatologists, dermatopathologists, physician assistants,  registered nurses, and aestheticians.


From injectable fillers to microneedling to laser skin rejuvenation to erasing unsightly age spots, improving your looks and your quality of life has never been easier. Under the guidance of or expert physicians, the results are truly remarkable — all without surgery.


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