In-office Prescription Program

Best medicine, more choice, and convenience. That’s why we think you’ll appreciate Bend Dermatology’s new In-office Prescription Program.

Patients tell us often they often can’t get the medicine we prescribe for their dermatology conditions because insurance won’t cover it. We think that interferes with the quality care we provide at Bend Dermatology and the provider-patient relationship.

Introducing Bend Dermatology’s In-office Prescription Program.  It’s a convenient medication dispensing program that allows our patients to get prescriptions in our office; no need to go to the pharmacy or hassle with insurance.  Plus you can rest assured it’s the exact medication your provider wants you to have for your specific condition.

Bend Dermatology is Physician Dispensing Association Accredited (PDAA) to dispense our patients’ prescription medication from our medical office. Because physicians are allowed to dispense medications in their medical practice to their own patients, there is now an alternative to the pharmacy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do patients really prefer this approach to getting their medications?

Yes.  Based on research conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, three out of four (75%) Americans would prefer to have their prescription(s) filled in their doctor’s office instead of a retail pharmacy if given the choice.  Even more, 84%, feel it would be more convenient and 62% feel it would help them better manage their health.

Where do the medications come from?

We’ve partnered with a Federal Drug Administration (FDA) laboratory to customize the pharmaceutical prescription medications that we prescribe our patients at Bend Dermatology. The FDA approved and HIPAA compliant company we are working with, Prescriber’s Choice, compounds your medications specifically, using purer ingredients for superior products.  So we find patients get better results.

Is this program in the best interest of patients?

Studies have shown that up to 30% of patients never get their prescriptions filled. When a patient leaves their provider’s office with medication in hand, compliance rates dramatically increase. Not including travel time, wait times at many pharmacies can be hours. So the option to get prescriptions filled in-office is especially meaningful to patients suffering acute sickness, pain, or who are elderly or have young children.

What medications do you dispense?

We are currently stocking 10 of our most frequently prescribed medications for the most common dermatology conditions and they range in price from $40-60. The number and variety of medications we offer will grow over time.

How do I pay for my prescription?

We take cash, check, debit or credit card at the front desk.  With this program we are not allowed to bill our patients’ insurance, but you can submit your cost to your Health Savings Account for reimbursement.  So immediately following your appointment you pay for any medication prescribed you and walk out the door with it in your hand.  No extra trip to the pharmacy.  Now you can take the medication right away, no waiting for prior authorizations only to be told by the insurance company they won’t pay for your prescription.

Can I still get my prescription filled at a pharmacy?

Yes.  We’re happy to call your prescription into the pharmacy and work with your insurance company, as before our new program.  Our role is to recommend to patients what we believe is the best treatment for your condition, and then you decide whether to purchase your prescription at our office or through your insurance.

Why did Bend Dermatology decide to offer this new program?

First and foremost it’s for our patients’ quality of care and convenience.  The program allows us to obtain the appropriate medicine immediately for our patients.  We will also run prescriptions through insurance for pick up at a pharmacy, and help with any prior authorizations when necessary, if that’s what you prefer.

We’re proud to take this important step in advancing the quality and efficiency of your dermatology care. It enables Bend Dermatology to create a more convenient solution and more effectively prescribe medication. As always you have the freedom to choose.  If you don’t feel this service is right for you, let your provider know you would like to get your prescriptions from a pharmacy and run the cost through your health insurance. Our goal is to enhance our quality of care and customer service for you our patient.

What if I’m not satisfied with the medication I get through this new program?

You will get your money back and Bend Dermatology will prescribe an alternative.  For a refund, patients simply go to, click on Customer Service, and fill out the form with all required details to receive reimbursement in about three to four weeks.

How does this option improve my care?

Besides the added convenience, our providers can consult with their patients directly as you receive your medication. You get to have an open discussion about taking and completing your medication, along with any information about medication interactions.

Studies show drug therapy is 60% to 70% better when medications are delivered at the point of care in the doctor’s office, compared to when patients are handed a written prescription. Care and satisfaction is quickly improved because providers can monitor patients’ process and progress. Amazingly enough, medical practices like Bend Dermatology spend up to 20 hours a week on prior authorization requests mandated by insurance companies for prescriptions they write. Meaning these practices spend as much time dealing with insurers, as they spend on everything else combined. And 70% of patients, who must deal with a prior authorization, do not receive the originally prescribed medication, but rather a substitution.