Do I need a skin check?

When is the right time for a skin check?

As the weather cools and sweaters replace t shirts we may not pay as much attention to the moles and freckles on our skin, however skin checks are still important! Dr. Stephanie Trautman suggests everyone check  their skin about once a month to make sure nothing is new or changing.  Don’t forget places like between the toes and bottom of feet, as skin cancer does not only occur in areas exposed to the sun.  Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer can be genetic so if you have a history of a 1st degree relative with melanoma you will want to have an annual skin check, and pay close attention to any changing moles.  We live at a high elevation in the state with the 5th highest rate of melanoma, and love our outdoor lifestyle so sunscreen is especially important for us. Dermatologists typically recommend a baseline check by age 50 even if you have no family history of melanoma, but the bottom line, is keep an eye on your skin.   If something looks different, makes you nervous, or if you see new moles after age 30 make an appointment.